QHSE policy
Working in the domain of mining, construction materials and construction and being engaged in all the production phases Shen Holding realizes the importance of continuous supervision over the quality of work and its results and does its best for organizing effective quality assurance.

Providing more than 500 jobs, the company emphasizes the great importance of its employees health and safety, by investing the necessary resources to create safe working conditions.

The company has developed and maintained precise quality assurance and management procedures at all the production phases, and is continuously governed by domestic and international standards and by its own values.

“Shen Holding” CJSC recognizes the importance of implementing the QHSE policy through its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems, covering the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers and the proper and efficient use of its products in accordance with their agreed specifications. “Shen Holding” CJSC commits to comply with applicable legal requirements and all other requirements relating to quality, health, safety and environment matters to which it subscribes.