E Emulsion Adhesive (EVA)
  • Environmentally clean
  • Safe for health
Recommended use
Used for construction works and in everyday life to bond wooden items, parquet, wallpapers, etc.
Surface preparation

The base surface must be clean, dry and dust, oil free.

  • Stir thoroughly before use.
  • Apply a thin layer of adhesive on one of the bonding surfaces and press tightly on the other surface.
  • The bonding works should be done at the temperature no less than +6°C degrees, humidity 65%.
  • Final drying - 24 hours at an ambient temperature +20°C degrees, humidity – 65%.
  • Drying times may vary depending on the bonding layer thickness and thermal conditions.
  • When the work is over or suspended wash the tools in water.
  • Dispose of the plastic containers as prescribed by local legislation.
Sizes available
1kg, 3kg, 6kg, 12kg and 20kg plastic containers.
Keep closed, at temperature no less than + 5°C for 6 months after the manufacturing date indicated on the container.