К Acrylic Concentrate
  • White
  • Eco friendly and safe
Made on the basis of acrylic resins.
Recommended use
Designed for treatment of different construction surfaces: wood, concrete, brick, stone, plaster and putty. The acrylic concentrate penetrates deep into the weak surface, strengthens and makes it smooth, thus contributing to the economical consumption and easy application of the paint or putty.
Surface preparation

The base surface must be smooth, solid, dry, clean, moisture and oil free.

  • Water can be added about 50% of the total concentrate mass.
  • Apply with a brush or a roller.
  • Apply at air temperature not lower than +5°C .
  • Wash the instruments in water when painting is over.
  • Dispose of the plastic containers as prescribed by local legislation.


Temperature of the base when applying

from +5°С to +30°С


More precisely, the consumption depends on the smoothness of the surface.

1l / 10-12m²

5l / 50-60m²

Final drying

3 hours

Sizes available
5liter plastic containers.
Keep closed, at temperature no less than +5°C. Shelf life 24 months.