Gypsum Putty (Fugenfüller)
  • White 
  • Mineral
  • Eco friendly and safe
Gypsum, cellulose additives.
Recommended use
The putty is used for internal finishing to level non-deformable gypsum, concrete, lime, cement-lime and other surfaces in dry premises, to fill large cracks and holes.
Surface preparation
  • Prior to application, remove unsteady sections from the base, widen cracks.
  • Remove dirt, dust, oil, paint, etc. from the surface.
  • The unsteady sections and highly absorbing surfaces should be first treated with acrylic concentrate. It is recommended to treat the surface with “SHEN” acrylic concentrate.
  • After 4 hours, the putty is applied.

Making the mixture

  • Pour 12,9-13,2l of water per 30kg of dry mixture into a clean container.
  • Gradually add dry mixture and stir with a mixer to obtain paste-like mass without lumps.
  • Cure the mixture for 5 minutes, mix again and then it is ready for use.
  • Apply the mixture with a stainless metallic putty knife on the surface.
  • To obtain smooth surface, polish the surface with a plastic or metallic float after drying of the putty.
  • It is recommended to work at air temperatures not lower than +10°C.
  • When the work is over or suspended, carefully wash the tools.
  • Dispose of the paper bags and mixture leftovers as prescribed by local legislation.
  • For fast putty drying expose to air and moderate ventilation.

Temperature of the base when applying

from +10°C to +35°C

Amount of water per 1kg of dry mixture

430-440 ml

Amount of water per 30kg of dry mixture

12,9 – 13,2l

Recommended thickness of layer

0.2mm – 5mm

Time of serviceability of the mixture

up to 30 minutes


not more than 0.8mm/m


Dry mixture consumption per 1mm thick layer More precisely, the consumption depends on the surface quality and thickness of putty layer.

0.8 -1kg/1m²

30kg/24 – 30m²

Sizes available
Paper and polypropylene bags. Net weight 30 kg
Store in undamaged packaging, on palettes, in dry premises, at temperatures under 45°С and humidity under 75%, for 12 months after the manufacturing date indicated on the
Terms of use
  • Store in a place inaccessible to children.
  • When working, protect respiratory organs.
  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse with clean water and, if needed, apply to doctor.
  • It is prohibited to add water into the mixture after its tightening (beginning of setting): this can cause decreased mixture adhesion and cracking.
  • When working in conditions other than normal, the performances may deviate from the ones indicated in the table.
  • The manufacturer bears no responsibility for working in violation of instructions.