L1 Latex Matt Paint
  • High coverage capacity
  • Environmentally clean
  • Safe for health
  • Water resistant
Acrylic copolymers, polymer additives, pigments and inorganic fillers.
Colour range
“SHEN” pigment is preferably used for colouring.
Recommended use
Designed for interior construction surfaces: concrete, gypsum, plaster, canvas, etc.
Surface preparation
The painted surface must be smooth, solid, dry, clean, moisture and oil free.
  • Stir before use.
  • Water can be added about 10% of the total paint mass.
  • Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Apply the paint at air temperature not lower than +5°C . 
  • Wash the instruments in water when painting is over.
  • Dispose of the plastic containers as prescribed by local legislation. 


Temperature of the base when applying 

from +5°С to +30°С 

Coverage per one layer

(under labaratory conditions)

More precisely, paint consumption depends on the smoothness of the surface.

1l - 11m²

5l - 55m²

10l - 110m²

15l - 165m²

Sizes available
5, 10 and 15-liter plastic containers.
Keep closed, at temperature no less than +5°C for 6 months after the manufacturing date indicated on the container.
  • When working in conditions other than normal, the performances may deviate from the ones indicated above.
  • The manufacturer bears no responsibility for working in violation of instructions.