About us
Shen Holding is a leading company on the construction material manufacturing market in the Republic of Armenia and the only one that offers a comprehensive list of goods and services. Shen Holding is into mining, manufacturing and import of construction materials, building and interior finishing works, and does its best to offer its clients goods and services of the highest possible quality. Being our partner, you may rest assured that our cooperation will be based on mutual confidence and on our readiness to justify this confidence.

Prior to 1999, Shen Holding was into importing and selling construction materials. Thereafter, the management made a strategic decision to develop Armenian manufacturing, to contribute to the development of the domestic labor market. As a result, the company established the first production facility of its own, and is nowadays a major manufacturer of construction materials in the Republic of Armenia.

The company established the plant to produce dry mixtures, paints and varnishes, which were designed to manufacture environmentally friendly construction paints in conformity with international standards. The Holding has built and commissioned a facility to produce concrete blocks for industrial and household purposes.

The Company regularly maintains its production facilities, upgrading, enlarging and bringing in line with international standards.

Shen Holding made a decision to use local raw materials in order to organize production of its own, and to maintain stable quality and unvarying costs. Since 2008, the company has started mining its own raw materials and nowadays it operates the gypsum deposit, sand and organic limestone quarries. The company uses the mined raw materials for construction material production which first of all helps to reduce construction material imports and promotes affordability.

Company manufactures anticorrosive, brick-and-concrete, latex, wall, ceiling and floor paints, primers, alkyd enamel, water dispersion paint, etc., as well as putties, dry construction mixtures, stucco, tile glue, binders, concrete blocks, sidewalk tiles and curbstones.

The entire inventory and other details can be found on Shen Holding’s official website: www.shenholding.com